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Plastic surgery, in particular cosmetic surgery, is a very visually based discipline – all operations are individualised to the particular needs of the patient, and therefore, it is essential for me to see the extent of the problem, in order to offer assessments and / or costs for the various surgical procedures. For example, liposuction may be a simple 20 minute procedure or a more complex 2 hour procedure. Noses may require just tip work, or a full rhinoplasty. Tummies may be treated with either liposuction alone, a mini tummy tuck, or a full tummy tuck – all have different indications, and all have varying cost

How to go about making enquiries & bookings

All email enquiries sent to me will be personally answered within 24-48 hours. In order to streamline this process, I would ask that you please send the following basic information at a minimum coupled with pictures of the problem areas (frontal view and profile view initially). The following can be cut and pasted to your email.

  • Where you are from.
  • The procedure that you are considering.
  • Your age
  • Any significant past medical or surgical history.
  • Medication and allergies.
  • Weight and height (if body contouring planned)
  • Whether or not you smoke.

Please also note the following:

I only operate in Cape Town, and do not make specific referrals to surgeons elsewhere in the country. I do not offer surgery to patients with a BMI over 30. As part of your basic information gathering, patients planning to travel to Cape Town, South Africa for cosmetic surgery are encouraged to read my advice page and complications page.

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(from outside South Africa please access an international line and
dial 27-21-4262511)

+27(0) 8654 13802 or +27(0)21 423 7991

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