My Practice

My Practice

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I am a South African certified and registered, Specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.

My practice is largely dedicated to cosmetic surgery as well as non- surgical, cosmetic injectables (Fillers and neurotoxin). Being in practice for over 20 years has afforded me some unique insights that cannot be learned from any textbook. I have had the privilege of following many patients over the years and have therefore been able to review and assess the long term results of interventions done many years prior. In short, I have learned surgical cause and effect over the long term, so I can advise patients about long term results and how to manage their expectations accordingly. I’ve seen various fads come and go, the results of overzealous lip and facial augmentation with fat or fillers, or those who have been over-operated in youth who then present later in life with the consequences there-of.

My general medical knowledge and surgical skill have established me as an expert in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery as well as breast reconstruction and cleft care. I am known to have a warm and caring approach, and above all, provide honest clinical assessments. I accompany my patients every step of their journey and provide an informed and safe environment.

I operate from the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, situated on the Foreshore of the beautiful city of Cape Town. With its favourable exchange rates and renowned beauty, Cape Town, South Africa has become a popular destination for overseas visitors seeking affordable, quality plastic surgery.


The operative facilities are world class (I operate from the newly completed Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town – one of the few private institutions at which heart transplant surgery is regularly performed). For smaller cases, I use my in office procedure room, newly built. This is most often for labiaplasty, upper eyelid surgeries and lumps and bumps.


I consult from the Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the Foreshore distrcit of Cape Town. Most cosmetic surgery is currently done on an outpatient basis, using a light general anaesthetic or deep intravenous sedation coupled with local anaesthetic.


Patients are usually entitled to a private room; either for the day, or for as many nights as required. For all but the most minor cases, I use a board certified anaesthesiologist (see below) to administer the sedation.

The procedure is usually very smooth, the discomfort minimal, the recovery fast, and most importantly SAFE. One most not forget that even “cosmetic surgery” carries a risk, however small, and everything possible must be done to ensure patient safety. It is comforting to know that in the unlikely event of a complication, full medical back-up is available on site.

My practice is perhaps best described as a boutique cosmetic surgery practice. Whilst I regularly perform certain reconstructive procedures, notably cleft lip and palate, breast reconstruction and skin cancer removal and reconstruction, the mainstay of my practice remains cosmetic plastic surgery. I use the term “boutique”, because the practice is small and intimate, and all patients receive very individualized care. Lia, my assistant, deals with all the logistics of patient bookings. I only ever work with one of 2 anaesthetists (see below), which ensures the smoothest surgery and recovery because we work as a team, and have done so for several years. All enquires are dealt with solely by me (as opposed to “clinical advisors”, or practice nurses), and all consultations are with me alone, assuring you of the best possible personalised care and attention before, during and after surgery.

Surgically speaking, I am relatively conservative in my general approach. I try, where possible, to do minimally invasive procedures to limit possible complications, scarring etc. My goal is to create a natural look, rather than a radical change. If I do not think that I will be able to achieve a good result and a happy patient, I will not proceed with the surgery. In this regard, when prospective patients email me requests, I always ask for some basic medical information + pics to be emailed to me for assessment. Plastic surgery is a very visual discipline, and all surgeries are tailored to the problem – there is no “cookie-cutter” approach, and I need to see if you would be suitable for the surgery.

Note: I am in a solo practice, and have never affiliated myself with any organizations that offer “package deals” of holidays and/or safaris combined with cosmetic surgery. I prefer to deal directly with the patient, and assess her suitability and fitness for the various procedures. No agents or third parties are involved in this process. Should you wish to find out more about accommodation and other travel options, please consult your local travel agent or visit the links page.


Dr Skoll assistant

I’m pleased to introduce Saajidah, who joined the office in January 2021 as my practice assistant. Although having trained and qualified as a physiotherapist, her outstanding organisation skills led her to a more managerial career, through which she became actively involved in Operation Smile, where we initially met. She brings with her a caring, friendly energy to the practice, and will ensure a seamless journey for you from initial consultation to subsequent bookings, be it for injectables or surgery follow-ups, and I look forward to having you meet her.

To email Saajidah about bookings and/or general enquiries, use or call her on (021) 4262511.

The Anaesthesiologists

Dr Amelia Kriel MBChB (U.S.), FCA (SA)
After completing her undergraduate training at the University of Stellenbosch near Cape Town, she completed a residency at the University of Cape Town’s Department of Anaesthetics. She has been practicing anaesthesiology since 1995, and completed her specialist college exams in 2002. In 2003, she remained on as consultant anaesthetist at both Groote Schuur Hospital (Intensive Care Unit) and Red Cross Children’s Hospital (paediatric anaesthesia) She commenced private practice in 2004.

Dr Linda van Zyl MBChB (U.S.), DA, FCA (SA)
Another Stellenbosch graduate, who completed her Diploma in Anaesthetics in 2000, and then went on to complete a residency at the University of Cape Town, obtaining her FCA(SA) in 2005. Following completion of her training, she did a further year as consultant in adult ICU, paediatric anaesthesia, and cardiothoracic anaesthesia, before completing a fellowship in the UK in cardiothoracic anaesthesia.

Both are particularly skilled at deep IV sedation (twilight anaesthesia) – the form of anaesthetic most commonly used for plastic surgery procedures, allowing no conscious recollection of the procedure, and a smooth and rapid recovery.

If you have any questions pertaining specifically to the anaesthetic, please email either Dr Amelia Kriel, or Dr Linda van Zyl.

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